Catching Up With Lee DeWyze…

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I deemed it fitting to dust off the cobwebs and share this news worthy interview.

As many of you know, Lee DeWyze has been working on his post-Idol sophomore album. Since parting ways with RCA, Lee has enjoyed continuing the writing process with artistic freedom, pouring out his heart and soul in preparation for this new album hoped to be released later this year. It’s no secret that Lee remains one of select artists that have tugged at my heart strings. This interview is no exception…. Here is my response to a great candid interview with the man himself. Thank you to Red Beanie Blog for her support of a superb artist.

I love how this interview has the feel of two old friends getting together to catch up on life. Lee begins the interview addressing the subject of the anticipated album release and a forth coming tour which is in the planning stages. I love that Lee states that the album will be out when it is “perfectly me”. Although the anticipation of this album is high among Lee’s fans, I feel safe in speaking for all of us, most of all we want it to be “perfectly Lee”. If the song previews are any indication, the album will be just that. Check out some of the song previews Lee has posted on In reference to tour, it looks like there will be a 4 week period in which Lee will be getting out there on the road to “see the fans and play new music”. Listen to the interview for more on that.

Lee will be participating in “Playing for Change” an event where musicians and music lovers are gathering on stages, street corners and schools for a global day of action to bring music into the lives of children and to promote positive social change everywhere. Visit for more information. Join Lee September 25th at 6pm PST on and support this great cause! Be sure to share this link on your facebook, twitter, email… however you connect with people. This is a “pay what you can” event!


While listening to this interview, you can’t help but feel the passion that Lee feels for his fans and the music he’s making. I love how he describes the connection he has with the song and the fans during a live performance. A couple quotes that define this connection from Lee’s mouth to our ears… “When I’m singing a song, I really genuinely am putting myself in that song… Whatever I’m singing about, I’m there… mentally, physically I’m in that moment.” Lee elaborates… “When I come off stage, I’m coming off of a serious high, because realistically, I was just in another place.” I think that the fan base would agree that we as fans feel the exact same way. It’s like a trance… we are transported to another time and place. To have a connection like this is surreal which is why we are left wanting more when it’s over.

Thanks for the memories Lee!! Looking forward to many more for years and years to come!

Give this amazing interview a listen for more information on the album, tour and some great answers to fan questions! After all, I can’t give it all away : ) Be kind and share…



One thought on “Catching Up With Lee DeWyze…

  1. It really seems like there’s some exciting times ahead for Lee fans! I can’t wait to find out if there will be a tour stop near me 🙂

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