Philatics celebrate Phillip Phillips birthday with fan videos!

Today Phillip Phillips celebrates his 22nd birthday in the Philippines. A year ago, I’ll bet he never dreamed this is how he would be celebrating his birthday. What an amazing journey for him and the rest of the Idols. Tonight marks the last show for the American Idol Tour. A bittersweet ending for what I can only imagine has been a wild, satisfying ride for them all! How fitting that Phillip would be spending his birthday not only doing what he loves, but with his extended family… his Idol family and most of all his amazing fans!

Speaking of Phillips amazing fans… Philatics went out of their way to show Phillip just how much they love and support him by compiling two amazing fan videos.

The first is a Fan Project for Phillip’s Birthday from all Philatics around the world spearheaded by Pamella Rolim aka @pphillipsfc who runs an amazing fan site, a one stop shop for all things Phillip Phillips. Check it out! … What a joy it was to know that Phillip saw this video. Yesterday he tweeted “Just watched my birthday video! Soo cool! Thank you everyone for the B-day wishes! Ya’ll are just AMAZING fans and i cant thank you enough”. Check out the amazing video here below.

Continuing the love fest fans have been rallying for months led by a dedicated Philatic Ashley Packard ‏aka @Packard17. She did such an amazing job organizing this fan lyric video project to celebrate Phillips 1st single “Home” going platinum! How fitting to have it unveiled on Phillips birthday! Let’s all make sure Phillip also sees this amazing video. Check it out below!

Let’s be sure to show our support by sharing these videos and leaving comments. Thanks again to Pamella & Ashley, philatics who participated and most of all Phillip Phillips for giving us a reason to celebrate!!


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