Lee DeWyze delivers a hauntingly beautiful version of Radio Head’s “Creep”

A few weeks ago, Lee tweeted and asked his fans if he should cover “Creep” by Radiohead or TLC. Of course he was joking about the TLC version… or at least I hope he was. This question sparked something in his fans…. the majority reaction was YES! Well, Lee certainly delivered the goods on this one just like he always does.

Not gonna lie… I fan-girled hardcore while listening to this. I appreciate Lee as an artist, person and friend, but I still can’t help freaking out a little. He reignites an excitement inside me with every take of every song he’s ever sang, original or cover. He constantly leaves me asking myself why he’s so underrated. I get people having different tastes, but he’s got something so special. I want the world to know. How about you? If you agree… share this like crazy… more importantly Lee’s original music. Promote his upcoming tour & album to your friends, family, co-workers… strangers on the street. Whatever it takes!

I’m not sure what the secret formula is in this ever changing industry, but I’m determined to find out what makes the whole thing tick. I’d like to see artists like Lee be noticed on a different level. How do we make this happen? I’m still trying to figure it out. Until then, let’s just sit back enjoy the gifts of these incredible artists, starting with this one….

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One thought on “Lee DeWyze delivers a hauntingly beautiful version of Radio Head’s “Creep”

  1. Excellent post Yoyo….I totally agree about everything you said. Lee is so special, totally NOT a creep or a weirdo and has a voice that literally takes my breath away. He deserves so much more than he has received being an Idol “winner” . I’m sticking with him….I find his music fascinating and so refreshing. Fan for life 🙂

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