A Lee DeWyze Experience at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

Acoustic Duo – Lee DeWyze w/ Lincoln Cleary

It was a rainy Saturday, but that didn’t stop diehard fans from lining up outside The Hotel Café in Los Angeles on November 17th, 2012 to catch a glimpse of Lee DeWyze. How rad is that?

The Acoustic Duo Tour 2012 included an opportunity for fans to meet & greet with Lee before the show and enjoy sound check. It also included time with Lee as he personalized each and every tour poster for each fan. One fan in particular, Melissa Will, came 7,972 miles from Australia, a generous gift from her husband; just to see Lee perform. Now that’s a dedicated fan right there! Sound check included fan favorite Lullaby and Breathin In which Lee dedicated to Melissa.

The doors were opened, the venue was filled. The Hotel Café is a dim lighted venue with lots of character which makes for an intimate experience. It has about 6 small tables in the front and the rest is standing room only. The place was packed! Lee played a 12 song set that began with “Stay”. Lee often breaks strings during a show because he plays with such passion. I don’t know if it was the anticipation of this show or the energy in the room, but Lee was so passionate he broke a string within the first minute and 30 seconds of the show! In true professional fashion, Lee did not skip a beat. Thank you to his tour manager Brad who quickly re-strung it for Lee.

Lee performed alongside pianist, Lincoln Cleary, and they continued with eleven more songs, including “Sweet Serendipity”; a song with special meaning for Lee and his beautiful wife, since they met while shooting the music video. That led into another, from his Live It Up album, “Beautiful Like You,” followed by “You Don’t Know Me”, which conveys a message of conviction, and “Fight”, which has been raising money for The Heart Foundation charity that Lee is involved with.

Lee then gave an unforgettable performance of a classic from his Slumberland album, “Annabelle”, that he wrote when he was only 17 years old. This was a standout performance of the night, packed with passion and angst, which drove everyone to their feet. He then sang, ”Only Dreaming” and “Like I Do”, a song co-written with Drew Pearson, who was in attendance that evening. He even sang my personal favorite NEW tune “Bedroom Door”. After that, a heartfelt rendition of the beautiful wedding song he wrote for his lovely bride, Jonna Walsh, “Who Would’ve Known.” Lee really got the crowd going with “We’ll Be Alright”, and the cherry on top, the breathtaking, “Breathin In.”

The energy in the room between Lee and the audience was surreal… something I can’t quite explain. Lee fed off our energy and left us wanting more when it was over. He just has that affect. His voice, his heart laid bare tugged the heart strings of our soul. I think those in attendance would agree. Hearing this new music along with old classics reaffirmed that Lee is a unique, unbelievable talent that deserves far more recognition than being labeled an “American Idol” affords. He is much more than that. It’s about time the world be given an opportunity to experience the true Lee DeWyze. If you attended this show, please share your feelings and comments below so that we can keep this feeling alive until our next “Lee DeWyze Experience” and allow others to feel even a hint of what we did in that room. It was truly unforgettable.

I am including links below of videos of the show so you can have the opportunity to experience what we did to some degree and more importantly spark you to get out there and buy tickets and have your own encounter. Please… share with your friends like I did. Here are a few quotes from people who saw Lee for the first time that night…

Via twitter – “@Wildambition He was amazing! This was the first I’d seen him or even heard his music and he absolutely killed it!”

From Kathy Myers -“I absolutely loved the Hotel Cafe show!  Lee was awesome!  I love that the venue is small and personal!  We were able to feel like we were a part of his “family”.  His performance was fantastic!”

As for my personal experience, Lee made it very special for me. This show made it possible for me to reunite with my dear friend Anne who runs The Red Beanie Blog. Memories I will not soon forget. Lee also signed my guitar with a special message which I will forever cherish. Now if I could only learn to play! He is my inspiration! Getting to sit and have a heart to heart with him and some other fans that night was something I will never ever forget. He is so real and down to earth; you can’t help but love him. Lee, if you’re reading this, don’t you EVER change. You’ve got my support always. You know that.

(via The Red Beanie Blog) (via Laura Lewis) (via The Red Beanie Blog) (via Laura Lewis) (via The Red Beanie Blog)

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3 thoughts on “A Lee DeWyze Experience at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles

  1. My experience was very surreal and humbling. I did not expect what happened that night. Firstly Lee was incredible on that stage and worth every penny my hubby spent to surprise me with. His voice is outer this world his music gets in deep in your soul. He’s just brilliant, I will work on having him tour Australia. What happened next was just crazy he took the time to sit and chat and let me hang out with his family and friends the man is one of a kind. This man should be heard world wide, no-one compares to him he’s unique in every way. Lee this will be an experience i will never forget. I am so PROUD of you and wish you all the success this world has to offer and cannot wait for your new CD.

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