A manifestation of hope… “Silver Lining” by Lee DeWyze

Have you ever truly been inspired by someone that encapsulates the true meaning of HOPE? Do you often feel that your efforts are futile? An example of perseverance from even one individual of what is truly possible can have serious impact on society and the children of this generation. When you’re willing to step outside yourself, the stereotypes and refute the negative opinions; you can take back your power to truly make a difference.

There is one individual in particular whom I highly respect and consider being an example of just that…HOPE. Lee DeWyze is a person that against all stereotypes and comparisons has risen above a stigma. Through the twists and turns over the past 3 years, Lee DeWyze has taken it all in stride. He kept to his core belief of who he truly is as an artist and allowed time and experience to mold him. The encouragement from his wife, family and fans, the heart of what drives DeWyze has no doubt been a driving force during this entire process from Idol to Artist. What some failed to recognize is that Lee DeWyze was already an artist prior to American Idol.

And the story unfolds as stated in a press release by Vanguard Records,
“Kevin Welk, President of The Welk Music Group, parent company of Vanguard Records heard the tracks DeWyze recorded and was sufficiently blown away to personally offer the artist a deal. Welk commented, “I am so impressed with Lee as an overall artist. I always knew he could sing but his writing is what sold me. This is a career record for him.”” Lee DeWyze doesn’t just sing, he writes and tells stories. In this society where the majority of popular mainstream music has turned into something that quite honestly instills undesirable values in our children needs to be replaced with a message of hope and positivity not only through song, but by example.

“Silver Lining”, Lee’s first single off of his forth coming summer album will be impacting Triple A radio on June 10th and will be available digitally on June 11th according to Vanguard Records. What a treat that they have given us a taste of what is to come with a live-in-the-studio acoustic performance of the track. You can watch this performance below…

or you can listen to it on Sound Cloud here –> https://soundcloud.com/

Songs are often open to interpretation by the listener regardless of the meaning or inspiration that went into writing it by the artist. My interpretation of this song is one of rescue, hope and encouragement. What I love about this song is that it is a story about two people coming along side one another. Someone had to be the person willing to reach out and be the encourager and help redirect the discouraged and in turn, the once discouraged was able to be the encourager for the other and help them to see the “Silver Lining”. It communicates that sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you and to keep your focus on what is possible, and not focus on people that don’t take the time to know your heart… thus don’t give your power away, in turn take that power and use it to overcome and see the “Silver Lining” of what is possible when you put your mind, heart and soul into something. This meaning encapsulates Lee DeWyze’s music for me. It heartens me to see that anything is possible. This is what the sentiments of music are about and what I want to share with my readers.


2 thoughts on “A manifestation of hope… “Silver Lining” by Lee DeWyze

  1. All I want to say is thank you for that. Lee is a remarkable person as well as a remarkable artist. I feel like the heart of this song is about how he and Jonna have supported, encouraged and had each others back in their chosen careers. I hear it as a love song between people who are always there for each other with encouragement, a listening ear and a heart full of love.

    • I agree 100%. Both industries, music and acting require lots of perseverance and thick skin as well as a well developed support system. I do believe Lee & Jonna are the perfect balance of what true love is about.

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