Music Monday FEATURE! ~ “Blackbird Song” is flying high…

If your a fan of the popular hit show, you heard a hauntingly beautiful soul grabbing song during the intro of “Alone”, episode 13 of the 4th season of The Walking Dead. The song was also played at the end as the last scene comes to a close. “Blackbird Song” by Lee DeWyze, instantly caught the attention of viewers as many scrambled to their Shazam Apps, Twitter and other online sources to find out the name of the song that grabbed their attention. Perfect bookends to the episode in my opinion.

After Blackbird Song’s airing… the song experienced a steady climb up the charts and how sits at #68 on iTunes Top Songs chart and #5 on iTunes Soundtrack Songs chart. You can purchase & download the song NOW here —–> iTunes —–> Amazon

The track will be part of a Vol 2 Walking Dead compilation EP that will release on March 25. You can Pre-order the EP by clicking here —-> Amazon

Listen to the song here…


It seems as though DeWyze may have found a niche. His ability to tell a story through his lyrics and to grasp the soul of listeners is astounding, therefore the pairing of his songs compliment the story telling of these popular TV series episodes.

His second single “Fight” was also featured in the season 3 premiere episode of Hart of Dixie, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”, which aired on October 7, 2013. Subsequently,  another track off of Frames, “Don’t Be Afraid” was featured in the Reign season one episode of “Left Behind”, which aired December 5, 2013. Lastly, his song “Fire Away” also from Frames, his August 20th album release on Vanguard Records, was heard on the hit TV show Nashville’s January 22, 2014 episode “Just For What I Am”. I don’t know about you, but I see a pattern here.

**Please be kind and support artists by purchasing their music, not pirating. Thank you.**





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