Concert Review – Lee DeWyze

I wanted to take the time to reblog this post because of it’s honesty and to show that I’m not the only one out there singing Lee DeWyze praises. The man touches people… Check him out!

A Moment With Meaghan

I realized last night that I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks! Life has been a little busy lately and I guess it’s gotten the best of me.

On Saturday, Justin and I, along with our friend Brian, took a road trip down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island for a concert.

Great Big Circles, the first opening band, is one that is based out of Attleboro, Massachusetts. While I wasn’t a fan of their music, their show was pretty entertaining. I don’t think there was an inch of the stage that their bassist didn’t touch! He was all over the place and made their portion of the concert incredibly entertaining.

The second opening band, Collington, was one that I was excited for. I had heard snip its of some of their music before the concert and really dug their vibe. I am also a total sucker for local bands and artists…

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And the Classy Award Goes to…: The Best Albums of 2013 Part II

The Classy Wasteland

Alright, music fans, we are back with the best albums of 2013. In this part, I will cover a few rappers, some classic and modern pop, and even some surprising acoustic music. Like always, we’ll be getting one step closer to determining the glorious winner of the Classy Award of 2013. There’s no time like the present: let’s knock out five more runner-ups! If you haven’t gotten a chance to, make sure you check out part 1!

#20: Paul McCartney: New
Released: October 15th

Paul McCartney has never really tired of making new music, despite how long of a career he’s sustained since his days with The Beatles. Some of his solo records have been bumpy and some have been outstanding. New falls into the latter category because it shows that McCartney, even in his 70’s, still has room to grow as an artist and a musician.

Unlike everything…

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